Welcome to a series of newsletters and webinars that we will be delivering during this year!

As part of the A&D accelerator philosophy, we will learn by doing and as you may know, different experiments are being conducted in LatAm! In this meantime, we want to help you reminding some concepts about Advanced Analytics and how this can be applied in our reality.

The series of newsletters are based on Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. We will be talking about how analytics is changing the landscape of some industries and share interesting use cases around the world.

BI, AA, AI or DS – ring any bells? Let’s get to know them better.

To take a quick glance on how analytics are changing the world – did you know that sales teams can optimize the impact of multi-channel promotional investments by analyzing the response rates from past campaigns.

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From descriptive to prescriptive in the analytics landscape.

Diving deeper on the particularities about analytics and more specific terms, let’s explore the Analytics concepts.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

In a simple definition, Artificial Intelligence is a very smart robot that can “think” for itself. We’ve all heard of at least one robot movie where they are programmed to think and behave like humans.

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We want to share with you a webinar where we can go deep
with this topics.

Webinar: "BI, AA, DS or AI - ring any bells?"